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Lake Grande – ensure a true unique lifestyle

Lake Grande is located ideally at Jurong West in District 22 in West Street 41. This refers to 99 years leasehold and is anticipated to complete by mid 2019. Future residents will have the easy access to Taman Jurong Shopping Centre and can reach the Jurong point nearby easily within a short drive and have some nice family fun and also other friend’s gatherings. There is no doubt that it is sure to offer a unique lifestyle.

lake grande ensure a true unique lifestyle

Lake Grande Jurong West condo is already well known and now with expected facilities, very soon it is expected to become a hot place dotted by investors. This condominium development will come equipped with unique facilities such as a club house, guard house, tennis court, indoor gym, function room, swimming pool, children’s playground, BBQ pits and sun deck.

The facilities of the condominium will provide complete entertainment for your loved ones and the entire family. You may indulge in a tranquil and serene lifestyle and that too right in the Jurong centre and not somewhere down far away in some town.

Jurong Country Club is highly anticipated to be converted soon into a high speed railway terminus station. There are plans to convert this area into a district featuring entertainment outlets and retail malls. This will be of immense use to the Lake Grande Condominium residents so that they enjoy such facilities that will be only at a short drive away distance.

Likewise, MCL Group is not a newcomer in properties development. It has been developing properties and has extensive knowledge in residential properties development. The experience is apparent in their Singapore prime residential properties. Some MCL Landmark projects near Lake Grande include Lakeville that will complete in 2018.

Why people of Singapore craving for Stars of Kovan?

Stars of Kovan is newly launched Singapore-based real estate project has already drawn the attention of the property seekers. Though it is residential complex but commercial units are attached to this condo to make it more useful and vibrant.
Some jaw dropping features of this condo:

Mixed project:

Normally residential complex or tower has possessed only residential units but Stars of Kovan has come up with both facilities, and it can be used for both purposes as a residential purpose and for a commercial purpose. Therefore, investors, craving for the profitable property, are supposed to visit this complex. It is truly one of the most desirable properties for them.

Placement of this building:

Being a home seeker, you always tend to avoid the market area, congested places and look for the well-connected location from where your regular journey would be easy and less problematic. Location of the Stars of Kovan is perfectly apt and suitable for you and for your kids. From educational institutions to Entertainment Park, restaurants to Recreation Park everything is easily accessible.

Local transport facility:

While someone is planning for a new apartment, he or she must verify the local transport facility because to some extent your effortless daily life would depend on the availability of public transport. Availability of Koven metro, multiple expressways make this area well-connected area.


All the modern facilities and amenities are thrown into this project so that each and every residential unit owner would enjoy life thoroughly. Parking plot, playground, community hall all these are expected to found into the residential compound. There is no place for boredom; it fills your life with happiness and joy.

If you want to obtain lavish and luxurious life, you must visit Stars of Kovan compound. Go to the developer of Kovan compound and book your residential/commercial unit as soon as possible because everyone is running on it.

How are the residential units of High Park Residences

The high park residence is located on Parcel A and Parcel B along Fernvale Road. It is situated right next to the Rivertrees residences. This private condominium is still under development. The expected time of completion of the project is around the year 2017. Various kinds of facilities are readily available. The project is very much talked about in the recent times.

how are the residential units of high park residences

Residential units

The residences comprise of a total of 1399 residential units. All these residential units are housed six 25 storey blocks. The residential units either face the Sengkang Avenue or the Sengkang West Way. The future residents have the access to all the facilities provided by the units. The people who will be living on sixth floor or above can expect to get unblocked views. This is something which people must strongly consider before taking a decision of which unit to buy.

Number of bedrooms in units

The regular residential units of High Park Residences Fernvale condo is supposed to offer what all the residential projects of Singapore generally offer. The number of bedrooms in units range from single bedroom units to as much as 5 bedroom units. So, you can expect to get hold of anything between 1 to 5 bedroom units, whichever suits you the best. This residential project also comprises fourteen strata landed houses.

All the residential units have almost all the facilities which surely offer a unique lifestyle to its residents. Future residents can make use of the offerings of the residential units for a worthy lifestyle. The comfort of the units is something no one should miss out on.
All the facilities offered by the residential units are complemented by other general facilities, which include transport facility, educational facility, recreational facility, etc. All these factors combine to make the High Park residences Fernvale a truly wonderful place to live in.

The apartments of your dreams

Everyone has their fantasy house. At that point, others have their fantasy condominium! Getting an apartment suite unit is getting to be famous nowadays. Most youthful couples incline toward getting a condominium unit as opposed to a house, basically on the grounds that it is monetarily less demanding to obtain, also its more adaptable in installment terms. Because of the way that most condominium improvements are helpfully manufactured close to each vital site, for example, schools, office structures, stores, houses of worship, stops, and transport stations.

the apartment of your dreams

Easy to live in apartments

Envision how easy it would be to become acquainted with (or school) or to dash to the basic need when you used up a few supplies. In the stylish sense. It is so decent to go home to your friends and family in your sumptuous condominium after a tiring day.

Lavish living

How is a lavish the Sims Urban Oasis condominium? Notwithstanding the distinctions of the individuals’ taste and style, they all appear to concede to the characteristics of impeccable condominium and condo group. Why do you think individuals ought to pick for a rich and surprising apartment suite? Other than its vicinity to key areas, it has a lot of lavish greens that are alleviating, smoothing, unwinding. The vibe is charming and welcoming, and the entire group is secured at all times. It has catastrophe administration and additionally fire assurance frameworks.

A fantasy Sims Urban Oasis condominium is roomy and clean, and offers fabulous perspective of the world outside your private minimal world. The spot is warm and cordial towards local people and outsiders alike. It is an essential thought on the off chance that you are searching for a phenomenal condominium living knowledge. While a few individuals needed the flexibility to brighten, select shading plan and style the insides they could call their own condominium unit, others lean toward a completely outfitted one. Extravagance apartment suites issue its customers both decisions.

Another noteworthy significance is the area of the condominium. On the off chance that it is fabricated in a vacationer destination, or a blend, then it would be idealize!

Best Living Experience At Northpark condo

Enjoy your Singapore holiday in vain that is new, go for Northpark Residences Yishun condominium. Everything is accessible over here from relaxing peaceful pool to Jacuzzi. Afterward stress not as free WIFI will let you carry on your company on the internet throughout the planet if you’re getting these suites for company goal. These condominiums aren’t out of limitation that is typical and may be reserved from all over the world.

best living experience at northpark condo

Undoubtedly, the housekeeping service supplied here is of best quality, you’ll also possess employees and the staff prepared to render their service. Subsequently don’t hesitate to make use of their mini bars, for those who have little penchant for booze. Although they have been addressed as minibars but there’s assortment of beverages supplied for you personally and more you’ll be offered right away in the event that you would like. The washroom is over you will be satisfied by a washroom as rain shower and your perceptions will relax as well as blow dryer .

There’s library, hot tub to fix disposition and your attractiveness concurrently. Recreation lounge is there let you spend your time and to make your mood. If you’re planning something lavish and posh then do not squander time in preparation, choose for limo service, and go for an exceptional city tour. These packages are placed fairly close to malls and important transport so lose your stresses for those who have any these aspect.

An extraordinary condominium at Tiong Bahru

A house shouldn’t only be four partitions, but should be a place where existence would be specific. Highline residences is a specific luxury condominium which is developed remembering unique characteristics and the relaxation that would be needed in a house that is top end. Well known developers in among the perfect places of town develop and prepared Highline residences. Highline residences are a present which every person must pamper themselves with.

an extraordinary condominium at tiong bahru

A large class extraordinary growth situated at the middle of the house that is totally sought following Tiong Bahru is definitely eye-catching and in addition, it gives the chance to owners and traders who are substantially considered with standard of life. It’s fully prepared to ascend higher in the Central Business District situated at Tiong Bahru Estate which under the improvement of Keppel Land Limited popularly recognized for the highly commended condo developing. The proposed date for conclusion of the task is believed to take the year 2017. In terms of the place is considered, Highline Residences is found quite near to all the places and they are sometimes obtained at a simplicity. Also, MRT Station is just about 2-3 minute away by walking in the Homes and it could be accomplished easily. Besides that, Kim Tian Road is placed in the aside region of Kim Tian Road and Tiong Bahru. Because of this it’s also popular by the title of Condominium Kim Tian Road or Condominium Tiong Bahru.

Highline residences are a house that’s loaded with extravagance and ease for the advantage of the occupants. Kids are given the space where they are able to live their youth by these condominiums and parents can observe them develop in a healthful environment. Highline is a world in it self where anything and everything is only few steps away. Be it purchasing or amusement, locate it all here. See web site to learn about the high-end and the condominiums that it’s on offer because of its homes. Make a booking. Business web site can be visited by one to locate additional information.

These condominiums have highline residences floor plan that is outstanding, offering area within the hallways. The contractors have allocated play areas and ample garden. In addition, there are fitness center and yoga places where occupants can invest time to enter healthiness and condition. The condominiums even have shopping places. Highline Residence is among the greatest places for one to reside since it offers outstanding offices and is close to transport mediums that are distinct, additionally the various courtesies you may find from the businesses that are surrounding. This only implies that dwelling in Highline Residence will permit by falling upon all the civilities offered you to fall upon an entirely new degree of urban dwelling.

Natural Breast Enlargement Methods or Breast Implants?

Does the smaller size of your breasts make you feel low? Does the larger size of your bust make you uncomfortable in public places? Do you feel the size of your boobs is improper? If you are one of them who often get upset with unattractive breasts, you can either opt for natural breast enlargement methods. These methods are proven to work, however it takes time. Or, if you are impatient, and looking for how to grow breast size fast, then give a shot for breast surgery or implantation of breasts.

natural breast enlargement methods or breast implants

Types Of Implants

Depending on the patient’s age and nature of the surgery, a female patient’s breast undergoes a surgical treatment. Saline and Silicone are the two types of “breast implant” that decide the treatment of the surgery. Whether a patient needs fuller or flexible breasts along with a natural shape, the two types of breast surgery will determine the further procedure of the treatment.

Seek Expert Advice From Surgeons

Before you make your mind by heading straight for breast implants, you should have sufficient knowledge on the process and the types of breast surgery. With technology at your service, make intensive research on the list of doctors on the websites to obtain a useful advice on the surgery. A reliable and a distinguished surgeon will provide you a detailed analysis on the types of the surgery that will be executed on a female’s breast. Getting accurate information from an experienced surgeon will help you take the correct decision in regards to the surgery. Also, you will get to know the steps and process of breast surgery from the skilled surgeon which will make the perspective of breast surgery clear to you.


Be it going for natural methods such as breast enlargement massage or going for artificial method – breast implants, you should give your figure a beautiful shape by having the size of boobs you have always wished for.

What should consider before buying a hot and cold water dispenser?

Consider it comfort readily available, a novel and welcome answer for the fast pace of today’s on-the-go ways of life. Hot & Cold Water Dispensers likewise cool drinking water all in one framework. Picking between a Hot Water Dispenser and a hot & icy mix gadget will basically be a matter of which you will use most, as costs are genuinely tantamount. In case you’re open to making a couple funnel associations, you ought to have the capacity to introduce a distributor all alone.

what should consider before buying a hot and cold water dispenser

Instant hot and clean implies moment pleasure and once property holders have introduced a Hot Water Dispenser; they never need to be without one again. Hot and Cold Water Dispenser, which convey moment close heating up 80 degree water comfortable kitchen sink, can rearrange innumerable cooking and beverages.

A little definition

Mix hot & cold water dispenser can be introduced to your sink in a way like boiling point water allocators as portrayed previously. Mix dispensers give both super cold and close hot water. Some mix units highlight LED shows that demonstrate hot and icy temperatures.

Consideration for installation

In case you’re introducing a Hot and Cold Water Dispenser (or a blend unit) into your sink, the sink must have an opening for the spout.


  • Childproof Lock- If you have youthful youngsters around the house, search for a boiling hot water container or mix allocator that has a childproof lock to keep little hands from unintentionally getting hurt.
  • Gooseneck Faucet – A gooseneck spigot not just gives a classy look, it makes it less demanding to get bigger pots and skillet and taller glasses underneath the heated water allocator. A few allocators additionally swivel for less demanding utilization.
  • Styles & Finishes- Spouts are accessible in a mixed bag of diverse styles and you can pick a complete that supplements your current fixture.
  • Channel – Some gadgets incorporate inherent filtration frameworks, serving to guarantee superb water that is free of contaminants.

What excellent life style the City Gate Mall offers?

what excellent life style the city gate mall offers

The project of City Gate Mall offers excellent life style. These includes

  • Centre of shopping as well as city living
  • Centre of business financial hub
  • Centre of leisure as well as entertainment and
  • Centre of arts culture, heritage and education.

Location about City gate

City Gate is located in the heart of Key growth area. You can earn a lot of money on your investment for this project due to the growth of City Gate with its topmost rental yield potential, highest possible returns on your investment and low entry price. The mixed development City Gate Condo Beach Road provides residents best conveniences along with choice of food and beverage i.e., F&B outlets as well as restaurants at your door step.

Here you may fulfill your all requirement for pleasure. The sports complex houses a museum, library and an exhibition centre here. The Kallang Waterfront district as well as the new Singapore Sports Hub is situated within five minutes drive distance from City Gate Condo. It is nearer to the Stamford Primary School, Singapore Management University and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.


It will be an excellent as well as unique lifestyle awaiting here for the residents of City Gate with the total range of condo and neighbor-hood facilities. There are so many schools are available within one Km. distance from the City Gate. These are –

  • Tertiary Singapore Management University
  • International Insworld Institute
  • Junior College St Andrew’s Junior College
  • Secondary School of the Arts
  • Primary Stamford Primary School
  • St Margaret Primary School
  • Farrer Park Primary School

The food centres which are located within one Kilometer from City Gate are –

  • Golden Mile Food Centre
  • North Bridge Road Market And Food Centre
  • Upper Boon Keng Road Block 17 Market & Food Centre
  • Queen Street Block 270 Market and Food Centre
  • Gluttons Bay etc.

The joy of living in style and serenity

In the world of property development, just the name of kingsford development invokes a sense of luxury in the minds. The company has been known to develop private residential spaces with fine taste of luxury and making their construction a worthy investment. The latest project by them is the Kingsford waterbay condo. The proposed project has three towers and will have three, four, five bedroom units for sale. The condominiums are equipped with the high end luxurious facilities but at the same time has calming surrounding. The area around the proposed project has been landscaped with water bodies included in it, so that the people can enjoy beautiful views from their windows.

the joy of living in style and serenity

Facilities and amenities at the location

The proposed residential complex is fully loaded with all the fun and entertainment. For everyone in the family, whether it is a kid or an adult, there is something at the kingsford waterbay. With seamless connectivity via KPE expressway, it takes around only 30 minutes to the buzzing Orchard shopping district. The complex also has its own swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, a fitness club and many more attractive features. The schools for elementary and secondary education are located nearby only.
People preferring to get an unblocked view of the surrounding can opt for floors up and above sixth storey. The condominiums are designed keeping mind the needs of a modern lifestyle with serenity beautifully blended in to it.

Area and location of the project

The kingsford waterbay is strategically situated along Greenwich V and Fernvale mall. There are many roads directly leading to Singapore such as Tampines road and Seletar expressway. The city is just a short drive away. Means of public transport are also very easily available. The residents will have the option of visiting Hougang mall also.

Know the Basic Facts about Symphony Suites

For your living, you would just prefer any place that would provide you all the facilities of the modern life and at the same time would let you live in the lap of nature. Although it may seem like dream, but this dream is being converted into reality by EL Development with their new condominium project, The Symphony Suites, that is located in Yishun Avenue. To know more about the project let’s find out the various details about the project.

know the basic facts about symphony suites

Basic facts about the property

Symphony Suites is being developed by EL Development and is located in between Yishun Avenue 6 and Yishun Avenue 9 at district 27 of Singapore. The property has been developed over a land that has 99 years of leasehold and it is expected that it would TOP by March 2019, maximum. The designs are made in such a way that it claims to give uniqueness to every apartment and no space is wasted in the rooms.

Information about the building

EL Developments PTE Ltd are constructing this condo at a property with land size of approximately 20553.8 sq m. There would be eleven building each with 15 stories and total number of units would be 660. The car parking would be able to hold 672 cars as there would be such number of parking lots that would be located at the 2 level of basement. There would be units with 2 to 4 bedrooms and each unit would be spacious and elegantly designed. The building would be northeast oriented.

Facilities available inside the property

It is said that Symphony Suites would be just another resort where you would be spending your life. Hence the different facilities that you would get inside the premises are Entrance Pavilion,50m Lap Pool, Fitness Station, Kid’s Water Play, Party Pavilion, Family Pool, Wading Pool, Sunken Water Seat, Aqua Gym, Teppanyaki Pavilion, Tennis Court, Clubhouse, Jam Room, Gym, Shower/Changing Room, Steam Room, BBQ Pavilion, Children’s Playground, Water Lounges, Jacuzzi, Music Play and Childcare Centre.

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