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How are the residential units of High Park Residences

The high park residence is located on Parcel A and Parcel B along Fernvale Road. It is situated right next to the Rivertrees residences. This private condominium is still under development. The expected time of completion of the project is around the year 2017. Various kinds of facilities are readily available. The project is very much talked about in the recent times.

how are the residential units of high park residences

Residential units

The residences comprise of a total of 1399 residential units. All these residential units are housed six 25 storey blocks. The residential units either face the Sengkang Avenue or the Sengkang West Way. The future residents have the access to all the facilities provided by the units. The people who will be living on sixth floor or above can expect to get unblocked views. This is something which people must strongly consider before taking a decision of which unit to buy.

Number of bedrooms in units

The regular residential units of High Park Residences Fernvale condo is supposed to offer what all the residential projects of Singapore generally offer. The number of bedrooms in units range from single bedroom units to as much as 5 bedroom units. So, you can expect to get hold of anything between 1 to 5 bedroom units, whichever suits you the best. This residential project also comprises fourteen strata landed houses.

All the residential units have almost all the facilities which surely offer a unique lifestyle to its residents. Future residents can make use of the offerings of the residential units for a worthy lifestyle. The comfort of the units is something no one should miss out on.
All the facilities offered by the residential units are complemented by other general facilities, which include transport facility, educational facility, recreational facility, etc. All these factors combine to make the High Park residences Fernvale a truly wonderful place to live in.

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