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Real estate leads – Personal experience of a real life buyer

My personal story

There are many experiences in life which helps a person to become successful. Here I would like to share a personal experience of my life as a real estate lead. I wanted to purchase a house for my parents. I was searching for it since so many days. One day I finally saw a good house, the kind of house I was looking for. I had some idea about this business as one of my friends was into this. I send an e-mail to an agent company asking about the details of that house, its price, original owners and some more detail information about that house. Hardly 10 minutes passed and I received a response through the e-mail from that company. The reply was so good and satisfactory that I really felt comfortable after receiving the response from them. All my questions were answered fully and each and every necessary detail was given to me. There was no such question which I asked not answered and the best part was the reply was within 10 minutes. Honestly I never expected that the response would be as quick as generally in these types of matters a lot of time is consumed. But this agent was very fast and was ready for the service. After all my queries were solved for 2 days I didn’t received any mail from him. After that he mailed me and asked me how he can help me now and what is my decision regarding the house. I was again impressed by him as in this busy schedule it happens that it slips out if the mind and someone should be there to guide in such important decisions. He even convinced me that best possible price will be decided. After doing some more research I was fully satisfied and I finally ended it up by buying that house for my parents.

Keys to success

The agent service should be really quick and spontaneous as I was automatically impressed by it. I got a feeling that I was important for them and got more interested. The next thing which the agent should keep in mind is that full information and details should be given to the buyers and all the queries of the buyer should be answered in such a way that the buyer gets fully convinced by it as it was given to me. Another and last thing is that the agent should follow-up the leads so as to end the marketing procedure and finally cracking the deal.

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