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What you should know about the Terrace and its magnificent greenery?

The Terrace EC is the new and forthcoming Executive Condo found in the North-East Region of Singapore, with an area of 259,035 square feet, bounded by Punggol Drive and Edgedale Plains. Punggol is about 4.2 km offering you full greenery, watersport, promenades, cycling tracks etc. And different other activities which the people of residents enjoy most. The Terrace resident will grasp the natural beauty that experience peacefulness which associate with Sengkang Riverside Park, the Waterway Park, the Punggol Park, and Punggol Point Park.

Various site scene

The Terrace EC is next to Kadaloor LRT Station which give the connectivity to Punggol MRT Station, North East Line and Punggol Bus Interchange. The Punggol EC is the short drive, nearly about eighteen minutes to downtown Central Business District CBD, City Center and Orchard Shopping Belt CIA TPE, KPE and CTE.

The Terrace comprise of 12 residential blocks, each at 13-17 stories high. The unit type are found in The Terrace ranges from TBA bedrooms.

Executive condominium are having public and the private housing. They are constructed by the private developer however purchasers are liable to the eligible criteria set by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). Executive condominium are intended to meet the lodging aspiration of the “sandwich” class who wish to live in private condominium however fall little monetary crisis. The people of Punggol can purchase it from developer.

Demand of the Terrace

The reason behind great demand for ECs could be the lower value compared to the nearby private condominium. As EC are constructed by the private sector, the units need better completing and materials looked at the basic finishing that are regularly found in the Terrace. Direct EC purchasers can save cash as there will be less renovation required. The Terrace have offices that are usually found in private apartment, like tennis courts, swimming pool, children playground and clubhouse.

It is very difficult for the previous owner of the executive condominium to buy the Terrace. It is because it is compulsory to wait for thirty minutes from the date of disposal before people can apply to buy that resident directly from the government.

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